California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery

Site assessment and documentation 

  • Measure and record foundation, structures, debris, utility infrastructure, and property-specific hazards.
  • Obtain and evaluate soil samples to establish cleanup goals for the project; identify and remove remaining asbestos-containing materials.

Debris removal 

  • Remove of all burnt debris, foundations, dangerous trees, and contaminated soil
  • Conduct confirmation sampling.
  • Sample and analyze soil and compare results to cleanup goals.

Erosion control measures 

  • Implement storm water best management practices to control sediment runoff and promote vegetation growth.

Final inspection 

  • Property owners receive a certification that verifies the lot is clean and eligible to receive a building permit.

Private Cleanups: Property owners who do not qualify for, or who choose not to participate in, the state program should consult their local officials for information on contractor requirements and cleanup standards.

More information is available from CalRecycle here.