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Find additional air quality resources at Cal EPA and Air Resources Board.

This AirNow page (by US EPA) displays individual air monitoring sites and the hourly average particulate matter (PM) reading for each monitor.

This AirNow page provides Interactive Air Quality Maps.  It is also updated hourly.  This is the map that CDPH recommended for the UCG report.  It also provides descriptions of the health risk levels, corresponding to the table below, as buttons below the map

This page provides AQ forecasts based on the US Forest Service AirFire model, not current air monitoring readings.   It also provides site-by-site rolling 24-hour AQ histories that are informative.

This CalEPA page provides several links (under the headings AIR QUALITY and FIRE CLEANUP: ASH AND DEBRIS) to recently-updated public health and safety FAQs, fact sheets and guidance documents (as well as to the links above.)

Air Quality Index Descriptions Air Quality Descriptions a a color coded table